Programme | Invited Speakers

Plenary Lecture : D. Maresca (ND)
“Functional ultrasound imaging and acoustic biosensors of enzymatic activity”

tPA and uPA - preclinical and clinical investigations :
State of arts : Sidney Strickland (US)

Biomarkers of thrombosis :
State of arts : Joan Montaner (Spain)

New Fibrinolytics / Thrombotics / Therapeutics :
State of arts : Simon Demeyer (Belgium)

Platelets / vWF/ Gp1balpha :
Invited talk : Steve Watson (UK)

FXII and others :
Invited talk : Yuko Suzuki (jp)

Serpins, INHIBITORS fibrinolysis :
Invited talk : Ze Zheng (US)

Fibrinogen :
Invited speaker : Robert Ariens (UK)

Endothelial / Blood Brain Barriers :
Invited Speaker : K. Akassoglou (US)

Imaging of Thrombosis Haemostasis :
Invited speaker : M. Gauberti (Fr)

Others functions of fibrinolytics and thrombotics :
Invited speaker : Coen Mass (NL)