Submission and guidelines | Poster presentation guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

You will be able to display your poster from 8.30am on Tuesday 6 th September – posters mush be displayed by lunchtime on Tuesday 6th September.

All posters will stay displayed until close of play on Wednesday 7th September. Posters will be secured by means of Velcro stickers which will be provided and on your board ready for use. Authors of odd numbered posters will present in Poster Session 1 on Tuesday and authors of even numbered posters will present in Poster Session 2 on Thursday.

Posters must be removed at the close of the poster session on Thursday 8th September.

Please note that any posters remaining at the end of the conference cannot be returned to authors.

Poster Size and Layout

We recommend a poster size of A1 (59cm x 84cm) as this will fit within the poster board in both portrait and landscape layouts. Size A0 (84cm x 118cm) would be the largest possible size, and poster of this size will only fit if they are portrait style. Poster board dimensions are 2m high x 1m wide.

Poster boards will be set up for you to display your posters on. You do not have to stick to these exact sizes, any size between A1 and A0 is acceptable, as long as it fits within the dimensions of the poster boards, and is not overlapping the next board.

Remember, if you do use the whole of the poster board, delegates may find it hard to read what is at the bottom of your poster. Try to make your poster as easy to read as possible.

Poster Size and Layout

Make sure you clearly display the title of your project, your name, your department or faculty and institution. We recommend a font size of at least 28pt to ensure the text is legible from a good distance. If you want to provide handouts of your poster, we suggest you do this on A4 paper. In order to make posters accessible, please remember that the colours red, blue and green in combination are difficult to read for some people.